About US!

"MeriSKILL is a rapidly expanding Edtech platform with a global presence with over 50+ Countries India, US, UK, Canada and many, focusing on the development of a social media platform designed to enhance skills, foster networking, and facilitate content sharing."

Welcome to MeriSKILL, where we pave the way for the professionals of tomorrow. We are committed to bridging the gap between Students theoretical knowledge and real-world experience.

Our mission is to empower aspiring students and recent graduates by offering transformative virtual learning internship opportunities in various fields such as Data analysis, Web development, AI ML, Business analysis, Human Resources, marketing, and digital marketing. Also courses.

Internship Programs: 30-45 Days

Data Analysis Internship: Explore the realm of data analytics, machine learning, and statistical modeling. Gain practical experience in interpreting data and making data-driven decisions.

Business Analysis Internship: Learn the art of analyzing business processes, identifying inefficiencies, and proposing innovative solutions to enhance overall organizational performance.

Human Resource Internship: Immerse yourself in the world of talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and human resource strategy development.

Marketing Internship: Understand the core principles of marketing, consumer behavior, market research, and campaign management. Get hands-on experience in developing creative marketing strategies. 

Digital Marketing Internship: Dive into the digital landscape and explore social media marketing, content creation, SEO techniques, and online advertising to boost brand presence

Finance: All new finance internships, core in accounts, finance data analysis and fico. 

Information Technology: Real world it projects straight right from the it experts working in top MNCs. 

We are MSME Registered Startup.

Where are we Today ?

Among the fastest growing learing platforms in India, US and Many countries.

Top applicants from IITS, IIMS, IIITs, and many.

Connecting Thousands Everyday with Professionals and experts!



Is MeriSKILL internship real ? Yes, MeriSKILL is absolutely genuine edtech platform to learn and upgrade your skills if you are a beginner, also it operates in India, US and Canada. Even tied up with many reputed organizations internationally.

MeriSKILL Internship review - MeriSKILL is one of the premium platform to do the virtual internships or learn any skills, it is among the fastest growing edtech platforms in India, US and Canada. 

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